Everything You Need To Know About Dating An African American Man

Updated on Dec 2021

If you love black men, it is only natural that you want to learn more about women they prefer. In this article, you can learn some interesting ideas. The article contains a guide on what to do and not to do when dating an African American. And check out some tips on where to meet your handsome prince.

What Black Guys Like In a White Woman Exactly?

It seems that there are several things that black men love about white women. Some men actually prefer white women over black ladies too. It’s the same as when people of various nationalities or races prefer someone outside of their social circle. Overall, black men value the following qualities in white women:

  • femininity;
  • easy-going nature;
  • determination;
  • hard work;
  • sense of humor;
  • support in romantic relationships.

It doesn’t mean that black women don’t have these qualities. It simply means that black men are attracted to white women with the mentioned qualities. If a white lady only demands in a relationship and gives nothing, a black guy won’t be attracted to her.

Dating Black Man In African American Culture: Details

When dating an African American man, it’s a very nice feeling. Most African American men and black people, in general, are very nice and welcoming. They usually have good relationships with their family, or they are attached to their mothers. Black men are respectful and overall nice to spend time with.

The dating culture is not different from any other. Some men want to date casually, others prefer exclusive dating. When a black guy meets a woman, he likes, and the woman likes him back, they start dating exclusively. Both introduce each other to their families or friends. If they like each other, they get married.

Dating african american man

Tips On How To Date A Black Man

If you sum up most experiences of black men and relationship requirements, you will notice that all the criteria are very reasonable. Black men have simple expectations when dating women, whether black or white. And thus, according to analyzed data, here are some tips on how to date black guys:

  • Avoid having expectations you yourself don’t meet. For example, many women state in their dating applications that they want to meet a guy with a stable income and no bad habits. But these women also spend their monthly salaries within a week, and usually to satisfy their bad habits.
  • Don’t pretend to be someone else at the beginning of your relationships. Be yourself, love black guys, try not to fit their standards. It will be revealed that you are a different person, and it will end your romantic relationships in the future. Better use the beginning of your relationships as a period when you get to know each other better.
  • Don’t use sex as a weapon. It’s actually great advice for everyone – men, women, all races, and sexual orientations. If you have an argument, don’t use sex as a tool to achieve something that you want.
  • Don’t date a black man just to have a nice profile on Instagram or any other social media. In fact, don’t do it to any man, woman, non-binary person. To all those black men lovers – don’t fetishize them, no one likes that.
  • Be serious about your intentions unless you are using some casual dating websites to hook up. Yes, if you are seeking black man, it’s most likely that he is into commitment rather than plain casual dating.

Overall, black male lovers and fans out there should understand that black guys want to be dating reasonable women. In their opinion, reasonable ladies are those who don’t expect the guy to be the only one invested in their romantic relationships.

It often happens that women simply give the role of a provider without bringing anything into their relationships. Black men prefer supportive ladies with reasonable expectations who don’t just date to have a nice social media profile. It’s OK for most black men to be providers for the family, but they want to be appreciated. Be initiative when dating an African American man, support and love him.

What Is It Like To Date A Black Man?

The interesting thing is that black men and love are tightly connected with each other. Most surveys show that black guys are more into serious relationships rather than just hooking up. Overall, most women who were dating black guys claim that it’s a rather pleasant experience.

It seems that black people in general, are very welcoming and open-minded. If you have some weird habits, it is most likely that your black boyfriend won’t judge you. It seems that understanding black men in relationships is one of the core factors that determine success. As it was mentioned in the article above, African American men prefer ladies who demand something but meet their own demands at the same time.

Most black men in relationships are rather nice and attentive. They are OK with the role of a provider for the family, although they do prefer the support of a woman in return. They are very respectful, especially towards older people.

The main thing to keep in mind is that nice and decent treatment of someone is actually a basic thing. People, in general, should treat each other well – that’s the basics. You can’t pretend that your nice treatment is legal permission to expect your guy to move mountains for you. It’s something that men and women both shouldn’t expect if they want to have healthy relationships.

The main idea about black men and dating is to treat the guy you love the way you want to be treated as well. Rest assured, if you find the right black man for you, you will be showered in love and respect if you do the same for him.

Are There Any Black Men Relationship Issues?

Unless you live under a rock or in a utopian country with no issues, you have probably heard about this stereotype. Black men often get divorced, they aren’t capable of being loyal and supportive of their families, etc. But yes, this is a common misconception and definitely not true. Or at least it’s as true as when dating any other guy – white or Asian.

Problems within romantic relationships always occur. There are no families without issues. We aren’t pieces of a puzzle, and when we meet the right piece, we don’t become a perfect picture. That’s why we are humans, not puzzle pieces. We have feelings, thoughts, personalities, issues.

Yes, most likely, you will face some romantic dating issues when in a relationship, even with an ideal black man. It will also happen if you are dating any other type of guy. There is no such thing as an entirely happy couple. So yes, when dating African men, problems occur, but if you love each other and are willing to compromise, you will overcome any obstacles.

Black Guys Like White Woman

Where To Find Black Men To Start Dating?

If you live in a multi-racial or multi-cultural country, then the chances of meeting an African American guy are higher. But if it’s not your case, there are other options. Overall, you may consider the following ideas:

  • Travel more to multi-racial countries. You may meet your love anywhere, you never know!
  • Ask whether your friends may hook you up. People have friends online these days, there are chances of your friends knowing someone you might like.
  • Consider using dating websites. Most quality dating apps are rather effective, plus, they have filters so you can be matched only with African American guys.

When loving a black man ideal, you don’t have to suffer because of not being able to meet him. One of the easiest ways to meet love is to do it online. Some people meet love simply by “bumping” into each other when using various social media or online games. By why not use something created specifically to help people meet love?

Online, you may be dating an older black man or a younger guy. It will depend on what site you use and what filters it has. Note one thing, these apps are extremely useful and effective at matching people with the right singles.


If you are thinking about African American men dating, consider it as dating any other man. Men and women prefer to be respected in their romantic relationships. If you have a curvier body, then yes, you most likely have an advantage.

But personality-wise, it’s important to love and support your boyfriend. Make sure you don’t pretend to be someone else, otherwise it will backfire on you later on in your serious romantic relationships.


What Do Black Men Want In A Woman?

Overall, black men date ladies who have reasonable expectations and meet their own requirements. Meaning, African American guys love ladies who don’t demand to move mountains for them while not being able to do that themselves. Guys love attractive ladies that take care of their appearances but with a good personality to match their appearance. 

How To Attract Black Guys?

If you are determined at finding a good black man, the first thing to do is to not pretend to be someone else. Eventually, when you start dating exclusively, this slight lie will backfire, and it will turn out that it’s not so slight. Be yourself, value your boyfriend and your relationship. Show some respect, and he will show respect towards you too. 

What Do Black Men Find Attractive?

When it comes to appearance, single African American men tend to like curvy ladies. They like it when ladies take care of their appearances, wear nice clothes that highlight their beauty, use makeup, etc. As for personality requirements, black men prefer supportive and loving women. They want to be valued in romantic relationships. 

How To Marry A Black Man?

If you can’t meet black men by using traditional dating sites, consider black male dating websites. Create an account and start seeking someone who fits your ideals. When most people meet love over the Internet, they meet in the real world. That’s how you can get married to the love of your life! Moreover, it’s a nearly effortless method.