Asian Interracial Marriage
Updated on Nov 2021

Guide on Asian Interracial Marriages

Asian countries are religious, so marriage is taken seriously. Most people consider marriage a blessing from God and see it as an essential step in life. However, not everyone would agree with this. Young Asian girls are often forced to marry at the age of 15. Arranged marriages are still going on in India and Nepal, which bring unhappiness to many young people. If a few decades before, arranged marriages were a norm in many Asian countries as young people could not compare their life to the life of foreigners, nowadays everyone has access to the Internet which opens their mind.

By having access to interracial dating sites, forums, articles, and videos, young girls and boys can see how free and happy life is abroad. So, they create accounts at interracial dating sites and enjoy meeting foreign peers. It is not a secret that Asian women are popular among English and American men. Bachelors from developed countries find Eastern brides beautiful, loyal and family-oriented: perfect partners for marriage.

The highest rate regarding Asian interracial marriage is between Asian females and White American males. These two have been making perfect matches over the years. It is probably Asian females’ natural beauty and serious approach towards creating a family that makes American men want to marry them.

Why Do Americans Want to Marry an Asian Woman?

As we have already said, there is a big demand for Asian girls. American guys find Eastern females exotic, sweet, passionate, and devoted. They actively join interracial dating platforms and get acquainted with pretty Asian girls. Black guys especially like Asian brides finding them sexy and hot.

Asian women and American men create perfect matches. They have a good understanding, connection and relationship. The caring nature of Eastern women pleases American men’s needs which helps couples to create long-term relationships. Black men are known for their temperament and jealousy, so having an Asian woman who is fully devoted and loyal to her partner is a dream come true for guys from the US.

Asian Interracial Marriages

Features of Asian Women

Apart from being charming creatures, Asain women have a lot of positive characteristics which play a significant role in a happy marriage. Below you can reach about every feature in detail to understand why so many foreign men choose these ladies for dating and marriage.


Eastern girls are blessed with natural beauty. They have soft brown skin, shiny dark hair, hazel or brown eyes, and usually, look much younger than their foreign peers. The way Asian women carry themselves, speak and behave can be described as graceful. They carry themselves like true ladies catching guys’ eyes on them.


You probably heard how kind-hearted Asian women are. They are full of love, and they enjoy caring for their loved ones. An interracial marriage with an Eastern woman is guaranteed to be happy as a man in this relationship will be surrounded with love and care around the clock. Asian brides make perfect wives and mothers. If you are dreaming of meeting a woman who would be the core of a happy family, head to Asia or just join an international dating site.

Traditional Wives

The biggest shortcoming that American men see in local brides is the absence of traditions. American girls focus on having freedom, being rich, and being independent. The number of women who dream of getting married and creating a family goes down fast. This pushes men to search for foreign brides. Knowing how traditional and conservative Asian women are, they choose them as life partners.


You can have a conversation about any subject, and your Eastern girlfriend will contribute to the conversation. Asian women pride themselves on being well-educated and smart. They spend their free time reading and learning English. You will be surprised how easily your conversation with a single Asian girl will flow at a dating website.


Interracial online dating platforms will give you a fantastic opportunity to meet gorgeous women from Asia. Local brides are passionate and sensual, which is what every single man is looking for. Asian men know how to please men. It is no wonder why Asian ladies are called “Geisha”. They make men feel like Gods bringing pleasure to their lives.

Now you know more about Asian women and why so many men in the US choose to meet women through interracial online dating sites.

Asian Interracial Dating: Five Reasons to Marry Such a Woman

Every man who has lived in Asian countries for a long time couldn’t help but pay attention to the local girls. As it was already mentioned, these girls are incredibly beautiful and smart. If you are interested in interracial Asian dating, you’ve made a sound choice, as Asian interracial couples are usually happy. So, here are five reasons to marry an Asian woman:


The first reason is the possibility of obtaining a permanent residence permit. Five years after the marriage registration, the foreigner has the right to obtain a residence permit. The Asian women themselves sometimes use foreign men exclusively for this purpose, although the majority of them are against such a relationship.


The second reason why you should consider interracial Asians marriages is that local ladies make excellent wives. Although these women are very jealous, it is unlikely that your wife will ever leave you. Such a lady will support you no matter what happens.


The third reason is language learning. Even if you don’t know the language well, you will be able to speak it quite well after a few years. Classes with you will bring her pleasure. But it is worth considering that the woman will correct every incorrectly spoken word, it can be annoying, but you can get used to it. Nevertheless, it is useful for both parties of interracial couple Asian.


The fourth reason is a chance to create a big and strong family. All of your wife’s family members will be actively involved in family affairs. At any time, you can ask the parents to spend time with the child, ask the sister or brother of your loved one to go to the store, etc. Even though you are a foreign man, joining a family will not be difficult, especially if they like you.


The fifth reason is an interesting and active life. You will definitely not get bored with an Asian woman. She will gladly travel with you throughout her native country and other destinations. Every day you can go to the cinema, restaurants, attend concerts, see the sights: these ladies like it a lot. So, your asian white interracial marriage is guaranteed to be strong (if you invest your time and effort) and full of happy moments.

How Do Interracial Dating Sites for Foreigners Work?

Fortunately, there is a large selection of interracial online dating platforms that cater to Asian, African, Latin, and Slavic singles worldwide. Just like regular dating websites, interracial dating agencies focus on bringing people of mixed races together. By joining a famous interracial dating site, you will have access to female profiles of different ethnicities, will be able to contact them, and build a serious relationship from a distance.

Interracial dating apps in Asia have become incredibly popular as finding a good-looking date has never been easy. Here is a step-by-step guide to meeting singles through dating apps and sites.

  • Create an account

You should start with creating an account by describing your personality. Add your best photos to draw singles’ attention. The more detailed profile you create, the more people will become interested in sending you a text.

  • Review profiles

After registration, you should review random profiles of singles. At popular dating sites, you will be able to use a detailed search feature: choose gender, age, ethnicity, country and city, marital status, and interests. You will be surprised how many people you have a lot in common with.

  • Upgrade your membership

It is an important step in developing a serious Asian interracial relationship. There are plenty of free sites and apps, but they do not guarantee success. Free platforms do not provide such quality features as paid platforms do. Paid members of popular interracial marriage agencies get access to unlimited communication, matches, and video chatting. These features take interracial online dating to a new level and give singles a chance to find a perfect life partner.

  • Start sending messages

Once you become a paid member, you will be able to send unlimited messages and check who viewed your profile. If you fancy someone who visited your profile, do not be shy to send a text or video message. You can perform video calls and enjoy having live dates from the comfort of your home.

Americans Want to Marry an Asian Woman

To find a good interracial dating online platform, keep in mind these criteria:

  1. Users’ review or success stories

A trustworthy interracial dating platform should be transparent and not hide customers’ feedback. Join a legitimate interracial marriage agency that shares success stories and has positive reviews on the Internet. Happy customers mean good service. Do your homework or entrust an interracial dating site review services that rank mail order bride services.

  1. Verified profiles

Not every mail order bride service has verified profiles. If you do not want to waste your time chatting with women or men who are not serious about building long-term relationships or meeting a potential marriage partner online, join an interracial dating site that offers verified profiles.

  1. Paid interracial dating sites and apps

If you are looking for a quality interracial dating site that does help in finding you a match, you need to be willing to pay a fee. There are, of course, free interracial dating sites, but it takes a long time to find potential partners there. By paying for a premium membership (you can choose one month, three months, six months, or one-year package), you will be sure that you get all the professional assistance and chatting with real people.

These are the main three aspects of a good dating website that gives singles a high chance to meet a match. If you are looking for a specific dating website, you will find many trusted services on our platform.

About Interracial Marriage Statistics in Asia

Back in 1967, in the United States, only 3% of all newlyweds were married to someone of a diverse ethnic group. Since then, intermarriage rates have grown significantly. By 1980, the rate had exceeded 7%. By 2015, the number had grown to 17%. In 2016, the number was 10% of all married people.

The rate has continued to grow as the Internet has become more accessible for people of different ages. As for today, Koreans have a 27.6% rate of interracial marriages, while Japanese an impressive 60.6%.

Nowadays, three in ten Asians have a partner of a different race. For those Asians who have been born in America, it is easier to find a partner locally. Popular interracial dating sites and apps offer the feature called “matches nearby” and allow meeting good-looking people quickly. Those Asian singles who live in China, Korea, Japan, India, Nepal, the Philippines, Indonesia, and other countries in Asia rely on popular interracial dating websites to bring them a matching partner.

Final Thoughts

Asians have been an essential factor driving the rise in intermarriage since the 1960s. Mixed marriages tend to work even better than marriages concluded between people of the same race. They say that opposites attract, so when it comes to Asian interracial marriages, this phrase proves that!


Marriage Statistics
Asian American Interracial Marriage 29%
Asian and black dating site 6.9%
gay Asian dating white 36%