About Interracial Marriages in Japan

Updated on Dec 2021

It is a common theme in Japan to see a Western man holding hands with a beautiful Eastern bride. So do not be shocked when you find out about local people being interested in Japanese interracial marriage. It is something that both parties like, and it is more common than ever in 2024. Western men seem to be intrigued in Asian women. There are various factors at play, such as the amazing looks of these ladies and their beautiful, calm loving nature. With these attributes, there is no wonder why so many European and American men are searching online dating sites for these hotties.

Through our article, we aim to educate every reader on the pluses of being with Japanese women. We will also go through all the reasons why so many foreign men like to be with Asian girls. Why interracial dating is so common in the corner of the world and what makes Japan ladies so attractive physically and mentally. So if you want to learn more about interracial relationships, you are in the right place. Eastern women are such sought-after girls from gentlemen from around the globe, and there are reasons. We will discover why so many American men dream of being with these ladies.

Reasons to Marry a Japanese

Asian women are wanted by many foreign males. What is it that attracts American and European men to Japanese ladies? We have created a list of reasons why guys hookup and marry a Japanese lady.


The first thing on the list is the fact – all local girls are super attractive. They have beautiful brown skin with wonderful flowing dark hair. They have incredible bodies which are slim and athletic and very appealing to Western males who are looking for interracial dating.


One thing that stands out with Japan women is that they are the most respectful people you will ever meet in your life. Respect is essential in Japanese culture, so if you are a man looking for respect, there is no better woman. You will find it difficult to meet another person who will respect you as much as an Eastern partner.


Asian girls are super smart and highly educated in different subjects. You can have a chat about many things with these ladies. Japanese women enjoy studying and learning new things. You will never be bored with conversations with these women.

Interracial Marriages in Japan


When you spend time with these girls, you will find out how much love and care they have for their partners. They are very dedicated women who enjoy caring for their men. It is something that Western women seem to have lost for their partners. So American guys are looking for interracial marriage.


Asian women are known for their dedication to a relationship. They stay with their man through the years. Divorce is not high in Japan like it is in other Western countries. It appeals to many middle-aged divorced males from America.


If you are a man that likes your partner to be a listener more than a speaker, then a Japanese interracial relationship is ideal. Local girls are known for their silence and calm nature. They enjoy listening more than talking; they are easy people to spend time with because of such attributes.


Who does not like being with sensual women? Japanese girls are very affectionate and tactile women. When you are with them in private, they will love to show affection to you by lots of kissing and cuddling. It is pleasurable for Western guys.

As you can see, these are great qualities that local women have, and it is why so many foreign guys would like to be with them. They make a fantastic match for American males, which is why there are so many cases of interracial dating between Asians and another race.

Japanese Dating Culture

There is a rich culture in Japan, and their traditions are fascinating and valued by the Japanese people. We have decided to list some dating traditions that you will find when heading on a diverse date with a woman from Asia.

Splitting bills is normal. In the West, the man is expected to pay for dates and dinner dates. In Japanese culture, it is normal for the bills to be split 50/50.

Japanese like to confess their love. Unlike dating in America, where a date for dinner shows you are interested in the other person. In Asian interracial dating online, it is expected that you tell the other person how you feel.

Marriage is important in the culture. In the West, marriage is thought about after being with someone for some time. In Japan, marriage is thought about when you reach 20 years of age. It does not matter which background you come from; marriage is super important to Eastern people.

Living together is not so important. In the West, Moving in with your girlfriend is part of the journey to marriage. It is different in Japan, where couples typically live together half the week or only on weekends. It is not thought of as such an essential aspect of the relationship process. There is still a high rate of marriage in Japan.

There are some different cultural aspects to dating in Japan, as you can see from the list above. Asian people do things differently, but we would say that many people decide to use interracial online dating, which is very popular.

Japanese Dating Culture

How Do Interracial Dating Sites for Foreigners Work?

These are an excellent way for Western bachelors to meet Asian ladies online. They work pretty simply by offering a platform where people can meet other like-minded souls in one place. Your ethnicity does not matter when you are on a dating platform; all that matters is who you are searching for online. You can add nice photos of yourself, plus add interesting information about yourself on your profile page. It gives other users all necessary information about you, which allows them to decide if they would like to make contact with you or not.

On the various interracial dating sites, there are plenty of features that allow clients to make contact and show their interest in someone. There is sending flirts which show you like them; users can also send a message. There is also the opportunity to have a membership on the platform and use a video chat to make contact and have some serious fun online. There are various ways to show your interest on online dating platforms; it gives every client a brilliant chance to meet the person of their dreams.

Another reason why these sites are so successful and such a good idea is it does not matter what gender you are; everyone is welcome. It is a community of people who are all searching for the perfect partner. There is one goal in mind, and that is love. You do not have to worry as registration is straightforward and fast. Add your personal information such as height, weight, eye color, email address, and other data. Once it is done, there will be a username which can be used, and you can search through the database of clients.

Japanese Interracial Marriage Statistics

As marriage is essential in Asian culture, we have made a list of some statistics which may interest readers. Below are our findings:

  • In 1965 there was a total of 4,156 who got involved with a legitimate interracial marriage. This went up to 44,701 in 2006.
  • In 2013 there were 15,422 mixed relationships in Japan which led to marriages with international males.
  • Did you know that American guys were the second most popular foreign men liked by Japanese women? They were beaten by Korean men.
  • The facts are females have a better chance to marry American males than Japanese men marrying American ladies.

These facts tell a story about how women from Japan are very interested in meeting international men. They love the thought of being with foreign males, especially the American ethnic group of men.

Make the Girl Like You While Taking Care of Yourself

We have compiled a list of things to take care of if you are interested in interracial marriage in Japan.

  • Appearance. The first opinion about a person is formed in 7 seconds. You may not even have time to speak, and during this time, the lady is already deciding whether she is at least interested in saying hello to you. Appearance should be neat.
  • Body shape. It is not necessary to have the figure of a seasoned athlete or bodybuilder. But the absence of excess weight will make absolutely any person more attractive.
  • Skin and hair. Now, men seek to take care of themselves. To withstand the competition and if interested in a japan interracial relationship, get a stylish haircut, tidy up your beard if you have one, and choose facial products that suit your skin type.
  • Confidence. It is another important parameter, without which communication is not impossible but difficult.
  • Communication skills. Active listening, the ability to speak on time, flirt masterfully, ask or tell a story on time, will make you more attractive, even if you missed the first points.

All in all, international marriages in Japan are commonplace nowadays, so follow our recommendations and your chances will increase significantly.


Do Japanese Marry Foreigners?

The facts tell you Japanese women love to meet and date international men. They like the idea of being immersed in a different culture and learning new things. So popular dating sites work the best for foreigners.

What Percentage of Japanese Marry Foreigners?

There is a high rate of Japanese ladies that enjoy being with a partner from overseas. These statistics are constantly changing, and over the last 20 years, there has been a significant increase. The facts state that 18% of foreign marriages in Japan are with American men.

Who Has the Highest Rate of Interracial Marriage?

Asians have a very high interracial marriage rate, which is over 60%. This is mainly because Eastern women meet American men due to the military presence in Japan. There are also interracial dating apps in Japan that have increased the number of relationships between the two countries. 

What Happens If You Marry a Japanese Citizen?

If you marry an Asian citizen, you will be one lucky person. American men that marry Asian women members of dating platforms get some fabulous females. These girls are reliable, trustworthy, and beautiful. They offer care, love, and respect.